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Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, which means it can only be detected with proper radon testing devices and procedures. It is important to perform radon testing no matter where your home is located. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, radon testing is especially important as both states are considered high risk areas for radon gas. Straight Answer Radon Mitigation is certified for radon testing in both Wisconsin and Minnesota by the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) and we are eager to help you start the process of a radon free home! 

Radon testing is an affordable and painless process that can save you and your families lives! Many homeowners put off radon testing until they are in the process of selling their homes and get blindsided by high test results right before closing. Don’t wait to test your home for radon! Knowing your radon test results and taking action early can save your lungs, increase your home’s value, and prevent any future headaches when you go to sell. If you do find yourself in the process of a home sale and need a radon test done ASAP as part of the inspection we can get you test results straight to your email as soon as the device is retrieved. 

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Continuous Digital Radon Testing

With our calibrated digital radon testing monitors, we are able to test your home for radon in the most accurate and timely way possible. Our top of the line radon testing devices are designed to take in readings over a 48 hour period to determine an average that you can then use to determine if radon mitigation is necessary. You will receive an hour by hour report and your radon test average by email as soon as we come back to your home to retrieve the monitor. Compared to other radon testing options, this is by far the most efficient way to test your home. We recommend this radon testing method to homeowners in the midst of a real estate transaction where timeliness and accuracy are of utmost importance. This is also a great option for homeowners who prefer pinpoint accuracy with their test results. We are proud to offer this radon testing option for homeowners in Western Wisconsin, the Twin Cities Metro Area, St. Croix River Valley, Roberts WI, Hammond WI, River Falls WI, New Richmond WI, Baldwin WI, Stillwater WI, Woodbury MN, and everywhere in between. Call us today!

Radon Testing Companies

Radon testing should always be performed by a certified radon testing professional. Going with a certified professional to perform your radon testing ensures that you will not fall victim to a radon testing scam. In the state of Minnesota it is required that radon testing only be done by certified radon companies or home inspectors that hold radon testing certifications. In Wisconsin it is not yet required by law that radon testing be performed by certified individuals however it is strongly recommended. Straight Answer Radon Mitigation has offered certified radon testing services for over 10 years and we take pride in offering the fastest and most accurate results around. Give us a call to start the radon testing process!

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